Academia: Want to do research us?

The group has opportunities for outstanding Master students, Ph.D. students, and postdocs. For more information, please reach Prof. F. Pelayo GarcĂ­a de Arquer. Information on application procedures can be found on the ICFO jobs website.

Calls open

  • Post-doctoral position in next-generation materials designer
    The work will involve developing new hybrid materials for a wide range of energy applications, including new strategies for CO2 capture and conversion, gas separation, membranes for emerging electrochemical devices, and energy storage and conversion (chemical-, electrical-, and photon-based devices).

  • Post-doctoral position in advanced water electrolysis and scale-up
    The work will involve leading the design and implementation of anodic catalysts and electrodes for the generation of clean H2 from non-ideal water streams, looking at oxygen evolution and parallel purification reactions. The candidate will also work with the team to scale-up of the system in area, number of cells, and power.

  • Post-doctoral position in carbon and nitrogen-based co-electrolysis
    The work will involve leading the design and characterization of novel catalysts, and their implementation into nanostructured electrodes within flow cell- and MEA-based reactors. The candidate will work together with other group members and collaborators (TU Delft, TU Munich, ICMAB, ICN2, and Trinity College Dublin) to develop a new technology seeking to obtain urea from polluted water streams.

Industry: Become a collaborator!

Our research has direct industrial applications for green technology. We are always open to industrial collaborations.